Neuvo Cuisino

by Tom Miller



Words, Music, Vocals by Tom Miller - Title Track off the new album, "Neuvo Cuisino", a FREDInk Recording.


i was walking down the street
playing my guitar
and a man came by
and said you can do better
he said a man doesn’t know
until he’s walked a thousand miles
what the wind is like on the other side of town
the buildings blowing down
thunder in the sky
you’re flying off the ground
you’re in a tornado
what’s that song all about
you don’t got no money
you don’t got no clout
all you got is down

i was sitting in a tree
swinging my legs
looking at a bee hive
poke it with a stick
you always get what you pay for
nobody to play for
here come the bees now
gonna’ jump into the water

i was thinking of a song
sounded like a poem
went to write it all down
didn’t have a pencil
then a man came by
and he said now you got it boy
throw away the paper
throw away the pencil

i blow the buildings down
i’m thunder in the sky
i’m flying off the ground
i am a song tornado
what’s this song about
i don’t got no money
i don’t got no clout
only down is out


released December 20, 2014
Tom Miller - Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Lyrics, Music



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Tom Miller Gainesville, Florida

Tom Miller is a musician and performance artist living in Gainesville, Florida

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