Little Wendy's Revenge

by Tom Miller



From the new album, "Neuvo Cuisino" by Tom Miller. Lyrics, Music by Tom Miller. a FREDInk Recording!


once upon a time there was a little girl named wendy who went down to the neighborhood bar and ordered a double-shot of whiskey with a whiskey back. and the bartender said, hey little girl, where’s your mama? and little wendy said, who gives a shit, bring me my drinks. ain’t that what I’m paying you for? and the bartender said, now just cool down, little lady, we don’t serve minors in here. why don’t you run along home and get yourself a nice glass of sodee-pop and eat your Ritalin. you came to the wrong bar today.

and little wendy looked the bartender square in the eye and said, if you don’t bring me my drink bitch, i’m gonna tear your fucking bar up and throw you out the god damn window after I jackhammer your cock into a dust mite. now get a move on you old fuck, before you piss me off.

and the bartender said, little lady, you better put a lock on that mouth of yours before your mama slaps a bitch out of it.

and little wendy replied...well mister, now you done pissed me off!

(Chaos ensues.)


released December 20, 2014
Tom Miller - Guitar, Bass



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Tom Miller Gainesville, Florida

Tom Miller is a musician and performance artist living in Gainesville, Florida

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