by Tom Miller



Dedicated to George O'Brien and Fodder O'Brien, and to the end of the 'Greasy Rectangle'. Single from the 2014 release, "Little Green Girl" by Tom Miller. A song about our smart-phone brains.


Staring into hollow squares of darkness
everywhere you go everywhere you go
these minds in our hands and our faces
will tell us what to know tell us what to know

and everywhere you go you go
to places where the people are staring into staring into
hollow squares of darkness everyone alone

nobody will come for you
to save you at the party
nobody will come to save you at the show
nobody will come to save you at the movies
hollow squares of darkness tell us
everything we know

once upon a time
we looked into each other’s eyes
and smiled at the way our souls touched souls
to reach into the ocean and feel the waves
to feel the sand beneath your feet like a child
like a child laughing in the cloud

hello, can anybody hear me?
i’m at the beach, i can’t find my fucking phone anywhere
i can see everything there ever was.


released October 31, 2014
Written, recorded, & performed by Tom Miller. a FREDInk Recording. Photo Credit by Lee of B. For more of Lee of B, check out the amazing artwork here:



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Tom Miller Gainesville, Florida

Tom Miller is a musician and performance artist living in Gainesville, Florida

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